Crowned In Shadows

Crowned In Shadows

Princess Danielle has lost everything at the hands of the Shadow King and his army of death. The start of the war cost her her home, family, and the one person she trusted most. She retreats from public life to find solace in her grief but discovers a determination to never relive the past that nearly broke her. She enlists a group of legendary warriors to train her to fight back against the darkness of the world. After months of training she finds her life once again threatened by the Shadow King. Now, she is prepared to fight for what’s left of her home and family.

Everett has continuously reaped the consequences of war since the Shadow King’s invasion. Weighed down by guilt from the choices he has been forced to make, he finds himself in self-imposed isolation. Hidden from the world, he attempts to put back together the remaining shards of his life. When he is called back to his former life at court, he is forced to wonder what the cost of war will be, and how it will affect those that he loves. Can Danielle and Everett confront their past and make the necessary decisions to save the future of their kingdom?

Upcoming Books

Project Blood

Book 2 in the Crowned in Shadows Duology. Join Danielle, Callum, and Everett as they deal with the fallout of Crowned in Shadows.

Project Death

The Mummy meets Fallen. On a whim, Adika Ray joins her friends on an archeology trip to beautiful Scotland. Intrigued by the history of the site, Adika tries to learn why this dig is so important to its funder, Declan Reid. Who knew an ancient curse could be so serious.

Project Guardian

A second start at life takes on a different meaning when Karina is called to be a Seer for the God of Death. 

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